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Injury Cash is immediate financial assistance in the form of pre-settlement lawsuit funding to you, the injured victim, while you wait for your lawsuit case to settle or proceed through the court system.

Injury Cash will help you live comfortably (pay your bills and rent) and give you more time and opportunity to receive the highest settlement or award possible.

No, Injury Cash is not a loan. If you receive Injury Cash, you will only have to repay the advance if you settle or win the lawsuit. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing. With a loan, you must re-pay the loan regardless of what happens.

Our rates are very competitive and are dependent on your specific case. 

We also offer fixed and variable terms.

Yes. Your attorney must verify information about your case and confirm that you have begun action against the person(s) who injured you.

If you don’t have an attorney, we can assist you in finding a reputable attorney for your case with no obligation.

We can provide you with a pre-approval and funding amount instantly after you  provide us with some information on your lawsuit case. 

The entire process from application, attorney confirmation, and approval to funding can take as little as two hours. It all depends on how quickly your attorney responds.

You only repay the Injury Cash if you win or settle your case   

Our Injury Cash range from $500 to $100,000.

Injury Cash will not review your credit history when determining whether to provide you with Injury Cash. Our proprietary software system will evaluate your case to determine whether we can approve you for Injury Cash.

Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to talk to your attorney about applying for Injury Cash.

The cost of the Injury Cash and whether repayment of Injury Cash pre-settlement lawsuit funding might affect attorney fees
Your attorney may not know that Injury Cash is non-recourse pre-settlement funding. Non-recourse pre-settlement funding means that we are paid on a contingency basis. Injury Cash’s pre-settlement funding is not a loan. You repay our Injury Cash only if you receive a settlement or award. You owe us nothing if you lose your case.

Potential influence on the attorney’s handling of your case
Injury Cash will not interfere with your case. We gather information about your case during the application-approval phase. We have no other involvement in your case. We will not attempt to influence or involve ourselves in the attorney’s handling of your lawsuit in any manner.

It only takes a couple of minutes!

To apply for an immediate Injury Cash:

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2. Call (516) 501-CASH (2274) or toll free at 1-855-465-CASH (2274)

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We have provided Injury Cash to thousands of clients, regardless of their credit history or employment status.

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We can provide additional Injury Cash as long as they do not exceed the estimated value of the case. You are always welcome to come back and ask for more money.

Yes, we provide funding for surgeries, physiotherapy & chiropractic care, and other accident related medical procedures.

For your convenience, Injury Cash are funded via Zoom-Cash technology at Financial Cash Center locations across the country.

CALL Today at (516) 501-CASH (2274)
(516) 501-CASH (2274)