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Construction Accident - Fall from Ladder

$5.5 Million Settlement for a 40 year old electrician who fell from an extension ladder after sustaining an electrical shock from a lighting fixture he was repairing in a warehouse located in Brooklyn. He fell approximately 14 to 16 feet to the ground and struck his head on the floor. He was diagnosed with a skull fracture, internal bleeding and swelling of the brain, spinal fractures, rib fractures, and puncture wounds of his lungs. He underwent the insertion of an endoctracheal tube, chest and nasogastric tubes, a Foley catheter, a subclavian central venous line, and an intracranial pressure monitor which was inserted through a hole that had been created in his skull.


Construction Accident - Falling plywood

1.5 Million Settlement for a carpenter and framer injured while working at a residential construction site in Stony Brook. While he was working on the site’s first floor, his head was struck by a piece of plywood that had been dropped from the site’s third floor. He was diagnosed with a skull fracture and a compound comminuted fracture of the frontal sinus. He underwent a craniotomy as well as sinus cranial elevation, exenteration and reconstruction.


Motor Vehicle Accident - Stop sign

$1 Million Settlement for a 40 year old painter who was struck on the driver’s side door by the defendant’s vehicle who allegedly ran the stop sign at the intersection which Plaintiff’s vehicle proceeded to drive through. Plaintiff sustained a herniated cervical disc requiring discectomy; fractured right thumb; torn left rotator cuff; fractured fifth metatarsal of right foot; and torn left medial meniscus.


Construction Accident

$900,000 Settlement for a 29 year old union bricklayer who was injured while performing masonry standing on a scaffold located in the rear of Canaan Elementary when one of the two thick, unsecured scaffold planks lifted and twisted toward the building. Plaintiff claimed that he sustained injuries to his right knee, right shoulder and cervical spine as a result of the accident. He ultimately underwent right knee reconstructive surgery and underwent physical therapy for his knee both before and after the surgery. In addition, he claimed that the accident caused him to suffer a C3-4 central disc bulge with an end-plate spur deforming the dural sac and straightening of the cervical lordosis. However, he did not seek treatment for his spinal condition.


Motor Vehicle Accident - Distracted driver's turn causes car crash

$1.3 Million Settlement for one of our clients which occurred when the defendant turned his car while distracted, thus resulting in a car crash with our client.